The Four Jumps

The Four Records

Fraser’s four world record attempts will push Fraser’s body, mind and the technology to the limit in the most hostile environment above the earth. Here is what he’s attempting:

Highest Altitude Jumped in a Wingsuit
With a previous world record of 37,265ft, Fraser’s target is to jump from an altitude of over 40,000ft to break the world record, higher than the cruising altitude of a commercial airline.

Jumping at this altitude is no small task. As well as the wingsuit logistics, directions and wind speeds to take into consideration, the lack of oxygen means Fraser needs a personal oxygen system that can operate at -50°C to -70°C and provide the correct O2 pressure and saturation to stay alive.

Longest Time Flown in a Wingsuit

Fraser’s target is to fly for 10 minutes, beating the previous Guinness record of 9 minutes 6 seconds and the FAI (Federation Aeronautique Internationale) record of 8 minutes and 28 seconds. With wind speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, he will need to stabilise within a matter of seconds to maintain an optimum position enabling the best glide and time in flight.

Flying at high speed for extended duration in extreme cold whilst breathing pressurized Oxygen for such a long period demonstrates why physical strength and stamina is so paramount to the success of this challenge.

Highest Speed Flown in a Wingsuit

The current record is 234mph. To reach Fraser’s target of 250mph, his wingsuit has been designed for optimum performance by Phoenix-Fly who are renowned for producing cutting edge high performance wingsuits. To break the record the right wind conditions will be necessary since without a tail wind as present for the previous record it will be near impossible to break. If wind conditions are not suitable the first jump will target the Altitude, Time and Distance records.

Furthest distance Flown in a Wingsuit

19.01 miles. That’s the distance that Fraser will be chasing with an incredible target of 20miles. Fraser will be using a cutting-edge wingsuit design with the latest technology to stabilise and streamline his flight. The higher performance the suit, the better the glide, time in flight and speeds that can be achieved.

The goal is ultimately not only to break these four world records, but to increase awareness of, and raise funds for SSAFA.